Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

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Leaktech Service using CCTV

Residential and Commercial Leak Detection

LeakTech Commercial Service
Residential Leak Detection

Hidden underground water leaks

in gardens, under concrete driveways and slabs


Internal water leaks under internal slabs

in walls, in kitchens, bathrooms


Rain leaks


Multi-dwelling complexes

 such as retirement villages and unit complexes

We’re skilled in finding a wide variety of leaks – common and those a little more uncommon

Civil and Pipeline Leak Detection

Civil and Pipeline Leak Detection

Leaktech has a small team of highly-skilled leak technicians and we offer a broad range of leak detection solutions for any pipe type, size and length – acoustic detection, correlation, data logging (pressure and acoustic).

We have extensive success with leak detection during the hydrostatic pressure testing stage of fire mains and pipeline pre-commissioning.

Water Leak

Do I have a water leak?

Very often the first sign you get that you have a water leak is a phone call or letter from your water supply authority advising that your water usage is higher than normal, or you receive a high water bill.

Search Determining Excess Water Usage

Excess Water Usage

Water Meter Test:

Your total water consumption includes water that you are consuming and water you are losing through potential leaks. You can easily determine your water loss with a simple water meter test, prior to calling us if you wish. Otherwise simply pick up the phone and we can take care of it for you.

Step 1:

Observe your water meter (usually at the front of the property) for at least 30 minutes. Record the number on each dial at the beginning of the period. Make sure no people or appliances use water during this time.

If the numbers have changed, then you have a leak.

If you need to know how to read your water meter, go to the website for your water authority for instructions.

Step 2:
  • Check that all taps and hoses are turned off.
  • Check for dripping taps.
  • Turn off any washing machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezers with water and/or ice dispensers.
  • Turn off toilet stop cock.

Return to observe your water meter. If the meter has stopped moving, then one of your appliances or toilet has a leak. You can then work your way through each appliance to find which one is leaking.

Take a photo of your water meter
A good time to do this is before going to bed – take a photo of your water meter when going to bed at night, after you’ve turned everything off, and then again upon waking up, with no water usage at night (don’t flush toilets). Send us the photos and we will advise whether you have a leak. Both photos needs to show a clear reading of the RED numbers on the dial.

Step 3:
If the meter is still turning, then you have a hidden pressure pipe leak. Call LeakTech 1300 053 257
Determining Excess Water Usage
Rapid Response to High-Priority Leak Detection Project
Water Leak

Case Study: Rapid Response to High-Priority Leak Detection Project

LeakTech received an urgent call from a major utility owner regarding a “High Priority Leak Detection Project” in a busy multi-dwelling residential area. The utility owner was experiencing significant discrepancies between the supplied water volume and what was being registered through water meters, highlighting a high volume of unaccounted water.

Find out how LeakTech swiftly identified eight hidden underground leaks that were causing 240 litres of water to be lost every minute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water leak?

When we are talking about a water leak, we are referring to a pressure-pipe leak, coming from your plumbing system.

How do I know I have a water leak?

High water bills, water meter turning even when no taps are open, and water damage are all signs that you may have a water leak on your property.

The best way to work out if you have a leak is to make sure all taps are turned off. These days many households have a variety of appliances that water can be passed through. Such appliances include toilet shut-off valves, dishwashers, washing machines, automatic pool top-ups, ice machines etc.

If you think you have a leak use your mobile phone to take a picture of your water meter to get a clear reading of the numbers on the gauge. In an hour, take another picture. Then give LeakTech a call and we can work out the size of your leak. Water leaks less than 400ml/hour are actually small leaks and are more difficult to find. Leaks above this size need to be found and fixed as soon as possible, as they cost you more money, and could also cause other damage.

How do I read my water meter?

There are now many different types of water meters. Some smart meters cannot be read.

Reading a water meter can vary depending on the type. While traditional meters can be manually read, some modern smart meters do not have a visible display for consumers to read. If you have concerns about reading your specific meter, we recommend contacting your water utility provider or our team for guidance.

Do you find pool leaks?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer pool leak investigation. If you suspect you have a pool leak, we recommend reaching out to a pool maintenance specialist for assistance.

What areas do you service?

LeakTech has local teams that provide services in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Gympie.


Find your leak or underground services – quickly and accurately.

Our local detection teams are ready to find your leaks or undergroud services Fast. Make an enquiry or request a booking using the form below.

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