Finding Critical Underground Services

Finding Critical Underground Services

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Underground Cable & Pipe

Underground Cable Location & Pipe Locations

Underground Cable & Pipe Leak
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Cutting through gas, electricity, telecom, water or sewerage lines endangers lives and the disruption to any of these essential services is expensive.


Commercial Projects


Residential Projects

New driveway or pool installation or renovating your backyard


World’s best technology

technicians utilise the world’s best technology to locate and identify your underground services.

Our cable and pipe location technicians carry additional accreditation to locate Telstra fibre optic cable

Ground Penetrating Radar Inspections

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar (GPR – Structure Scan) can assist with the location of underground services in many instances where standard radio-detection methods cannot. GPR technology can assist in the location and depth of:

  • Water mains – all types, including asbestos, blue brut
  • Pipes – plastic, poly, pvc
  • Fire main valves
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Road crossings
  • Rising mains
  • Buried manhole covers
  • Underground
  • Underground tanks and pits

Ground penetrating radar is a non-destructive geo-physical method which uses radar pulses to ‘map’ an image of shallow subsurface features, down to approximately 6 metres. The data collected from the radar sweeping across the surface is collected to construct a view of the subsurface. Varying soil conditions can impact on the result.

Concrete Scanning

Our concrete scanning equipment can “see through” most concrete.

Before you drill or cut a core hole through concrete, we can show you where reinforcing, stress beams, cables and pipes are in most slabs, saving time and money.

Drill or Cut a core hole through concrete
Keep your team safe

Keep your team safe

The use of non-destructive high-resolution ground penetrating radar (GPR – Utility Scan) before you core, cut or drill concrete, can greatly reduce the risk to workers cutting through live cables or other hazards. Leaktech’s concrete scanning can accurately indicate the presence and depth of pipes, cables, steel reinforcing, post-tension ducts, any voids in concrete and suspended slabs. This technology greatly increases worker safety.

Dial LeakTech Before You Dig
DBYD Certified Locator

Before You Dig

Don’t rely on the free plans available from Dial Before You Dig for accuracy, their plans are a guide only. Their ‘Duty of Care’  guidelines they recommend the use of Accredited Plant Locators (APLs) for all excavations. There have been numerous occasions where our Leaktech APL technicians have located underground cables when there has  been nothing indicated on the Dial Before You Dig plan for that location.

To be safe, before you dig, call Leaktech – we can safely locate all underground services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I contact LeakTech to locate Critical Underground Services for my project?

It is recommended to contact us as early as possible in the planning stages of your project. This allows us to schedule our services in advance and ensure that your project proceeds smoothly without any unexpected delays or hazards.

Is it necessary to locate Critical Underground Services before starting a construction project?

Yes, it is highly recommended to locate and mark Critical Underground Services before commencing any construction or excavation work. This helps ensure the safety of your team and the project, prevents damage to utilities, and avoids costly delays.

At LeakTech we use a non-destructive high-resolution ground penetrating radar (GPR – Utility Scan) to accurately indicate the presence and depth of pipes, cables, steel reinforcing, post-tension ducts, any voids in concrete, and suspended slabs to increase worker safety.

How do you mark the located Critical Underground Services?

We use industry-standard colour codes and marking flags to indicate the type and location of each service. These markers are typically placed above the ground, outlining the path and depth of each service.

What areas do you service?

LeakTech has local teams that provide services in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Gympie.


Find your leak or underground services – quickly and accurately.

Our local detection teams are ready to find your leaks or undergroud services Fast. Make an enquiry or request a booking using the form below.

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