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Commercial Leak Detection Services

Welcome to LeakTech, your trusted partner for expert commercial leak detection services. With our advanced technology and experienced team, we specialise in pinpointing leaks in commercial properties quickly and accurately, helping you safeguard your assets and minimise damage.
Commercial Leak Detection Services

Expert Commercial Leak Detection Services with LeakTech

The benefit of choosing LeakTech’s commercial leak detection services to locate water leaks or underground services in your commercial property is that we spend every day finding leaks and underground services. That’s all we do. We have the widest range of technologies with the industry’s best leak detectors. We will utilise the methodology which best suits the situation at hand to minimise your business impact.
2-hour job in busy, extremely large south-east Queensland shopping centre.

Industries We Offer Leak Detection Services to:

High-Rise Residential Towers
Retirement Villages
Industrial Sheds
Hotels and Clubs
Shopping Centres
Childcare Centres

Steps Involved in Investigating Commercial Leak Detection

Finding hidden water leaks on commercial properties can be very complex, involving a lot of coordination from property owners, tenants, and body corporate. There are many varied factors and scenarios, including whether the property has a common water meter or multiple water meters, with multiple users.

  1. No water is to be used. When completing commercial leak detection services, no water must be used during the testing period, which includes no flushing of toilets (something often forgotten).
  2. Communicate to all tenants/staff. To ensure this, it is essential that all tenants receive advance notice that leak detection will be conducted on a particular date, so their business operations can put contingencies in place, and ensure the leak detection process can proceed without compromise.
  3. Check for complex underground infrastructure. In most leak investigations there are no accurate construction or engineering plans detailing underground water pipes, power, sewer, gas, or communication cables. That’s okay, we’re used to that. It just adds a degree of difficulty to our investigation.
Within the one-hour timeframe, this leak was pinpointed beside the shopping trolley bay; and we also scanned the area for underground services to enable safe excavation of the site to allow for pipe repairs.

Swift Services: We Detect Leaks within
the Hour

We understand the urgency required in locating a water leak swiftly to reduce the damage caused by an undetected water leak. It can mean the difference between a simple repair or major reparations. LeakTech can often provide same-day or next-day commercial leak detection services. We use non-destructive methods to locate your leaks faster which means you save on repair costs and time.

On many occasions, our technicians can successfully locate the problem in just one hour. Whilst this is not always the case, rest assured, one hour is our most frequent timeframe.

What is Acoustic Leak Detection?

In most instances, acoustic leak detection will be the quickest and easiest solution. Usually, this would be our first method deployed – minimum time and minimum delays. Acoustic leak detection, in the first instance, can often provide the information we need to understand a more complex situation, which may require other methodologies such as tracer gas.

Onsite, LeakTech’s skilled technicians interpret the different vibration sounds which are influenced by the differing substrates (ground, concrete), how the pipe is laid and buried (is it in a trench with correct compaction, or, backfilled with the construction rubbish) the pipe material (poly, copper, etc.), the diameter of the pipe, the depth of the pipe, the size of the leak.

Acoustic leak detection requires low levels of ambient sound, which is only sometimes possible in busy retail precincts, commercial and industrial areas, or childcare facilities and schools, during operational hours. This may necessitate an out-of-hours visit, something LeakTech is accustomed to planning for. We often attend schools during the holiday period, or factories during shutdowns to complete commercial leak detection services.

Acoustic Leak Detection
Rapid Response to High-Priority Leak Detection Project
Water Leak

Case Study: Rapid Response to High-Priority Leak Detection Project

LeakTech received an urgent call from a major utility owner regarding a “High Priority Leak Detection Project” in a busy multi-dwelling residential area. The utility owner was experiencing significant discrepancies between the supplied water volume and what was being registered through water meters, highlighting a high volume of unaccounted water.

Find out how LeakTech swiftly identified eight hidden underground leaks that were causing 240 litres of water to be lost every minute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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LeakTech has local teams that provide services in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Gympie.

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