CCTV In-Pipe Camera Inspections

CCTV In-Pipe Camera Inspections

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Leaktech CCTV pipeline inspection service

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Leaktech has high quality PUSH ROD (not tractor) cameras. Plumbing contractors, councils and engineers can benefit from Leaktech’s CCTV pipeline inspection service. It can be used to:

  • Inspect pipes for blockages
  • As part of pipeline maintenance program
  • View internal infrastructure during construction phases
  • Prove the integrity of the pipeline.

Leaktech Australia uses certified technicians providing visual documentation captured in full-colour digital format via email or portable media.

Yacht Mast Inspections

Yacht Mast Inspections

Our CCTV service can be used for inspection of wiring inside masts to easily detect breakages or jams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CCTV in-pipe camera inspections identify the cause of blockages or clogs?

Yes, CCTV in-pipe camera inspections can identify the cause of blockages or clogs, such as roots, debris, or structural issues. This information helps in planning and executing the necessary repairs.

Why are CCTV in-pipe camera inspections important?

These inspections are crucial for identifying and assessing issues within pipelines and sewer systems without the need for costly and disruptive excavation. They help prevent problems like clogs, leaks, and structural damage.

What areas do you service?

LeakTech has local teams that provide services in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Gympie.


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