Water Leaks in large shopping centres can be expensive and can cause a major impact on businesses within the shopping centre. Leaktech was notified at short notice of this leak and worked closely with some of our current clients to re-organise and shuffle pre-booked jobs around, as we deemed it an imperative to support our local businesses who have already been significantly impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and further closures were not up for consideration. Leaktech was engaged and worked around the clock to locate a major leak in one of Brisbane’s south-western shopping centres. The leakage rate was approximately 60 litres per second within a 20m2 metre area, causing access restrictions to the shopping centre, a complete shutdown of the loading area and a reduced water flow rate within all areas of the shopping centre. Due to Leaktech’s in-house innovative technology, combined with over 30 years of knowledge and experience with all aspects of leak detection and service location, our certified and trained technicians mobilised and located the leak, which was a DN100 AC pipe buried at 1.6 metres. The civil team exposed the pipe and repaired it at the exact location our technicians had previously identified as the leak. If you have a water leak, call in the team that has the technology and experience to identify it quickly and accurately. Our friendly specialists are waiting for your call on 1300 053 257.

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