Using the latest tools and exclusive technology Leaktech have again demonstrated our commitment to excellence, expertise, increasing capabilities and overall knowledge within all aspects of leak detection across various water mains, piping networks and facilities around regional areas of NSW under the DPIE Water Efficiency Program.

The Goal

Leaktech’s Primary KPI was to address network condition and water loss across extensive areas throughout regional New South Wales.

The Method

Over a 2-month period, Leaktech completed leakage surveys across six different shires in Western New South Wales. We surveyed in detail twenty-two individual towns.

The Outcome

Leaktech surveyed in excess of 900km of pipeline network and various facilities which have resulted in our skilled technicians locating a staggering water loss of over 1600 litres per minute (1.72 million litres a day) of treated water with over 400 confirmed leaks.

This was indeed a worthwhile exercise for our Government clients following the focus on utilities and water loss because of recent sustained drought conditions.

General Comments

Leaktech was proud to partner with DPIE on the regional work delivering much-needed services for this vital project. The beneficiaries include the local regional shires who do brilliant work supplying critical services to residents in often harsh conditions with limited resources.

Both internal and external water loss across all regions of New South Wales continues to be an ongoing issue, especially as we anticipate dryer times ahead.


The above figures only represent large-scale leakage survey works carried out by Leaktech during this period and do not include our general day to day leak detection works or other project works during the period.

Our trained technicians carried out extensive works during the same period in many other locations for various clients.

Leaktech’s technicians have the training, knowledge, and technology to detect even the smallest leaks within the industry. Even small leaks account for a substantial dollar value over time if undetected.  We are very proud of the commitment and skills demonstrated daily by our staff.

As a result of recent heavy rain events, many Australian east coast dam levels are at the highest levels they have been in a long time, so let’s keep it that way and not waste much needed treated water. It is now more important than ever to ensure that there are no hidden or concealed leaks on properties you control (domestic and commercial).

If for any reason you suspect a leak on your property, there are several methods which can be used to check for leaks. Leaktech’s friendly team can discuss the most suitable approach to detect the leakage. All leaks if undetected at their early stages can cost thousands of dollars in water loss over time and any severe repair works can add to that cost. These costs can be avoided.

Remember, water is abrasive. A small leak quickly becomes a costly nightmare. Call the only Australian business with 35 plus years of exclusive water leak detection experience.


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