Summer rapidly approaches with soaring temperatures expected. It is predicted that we are going to have a VERY dry summer. Climate records are again tipped to tumble.

The probability of underground supply networks / services failure is very high. No rain plus failing pipes = a critical situation. Utility owners are already talking about restrictions.

It is now more important than ever to ensure that there are no hidden or concealed leaks on properties you control (domestic and commercial).

Leaktech operates across Australia with our Head Office in Brisbane, Queensland. A recent internal study of our database has provided us with data which proves Climate Change is affecting underground assets at a higher rate than previous years.

From the study we have observed a rapid increase in callouts to unsourced water loss/leakage situations. Pipes are already failing due to heat and ground movement as soils dry out.

Leaktech’s records date back well over 30 years. We average 5,000-6000 visits a year to locate unidentified leaks.

This year (2023) our Data shows 6234 (22/09/2023) with just over 3 months to go in the 2023.

The increase in works may be subject to multiple causes such as

  • Climate Change;
  • Rapidly drying soil conditions:
  • Ageing assets;
  • Geographic location;
  • Pipe material;
  • Maintenance strategies;
  • Or…….Maybe we are good at what we do.

Using in house knowledge and exclusive technologies, Leaktech continues to demonstrate our commitment to excellence, expertise, capabilities, and overall knowledge within all aspects of Leak Detection across various water mains, piping networks and facilities around Australia.

Remember water is abrasive. A small leak quickly becomes a costly nightmare. Call the only Australian business with nearly 40 years of exclusive water leak detection experience.

Remember -If you have a tap leak leaking at 1 litre/minute, in a 24-hour period that equates to 1,440 litres per day. Think about 1 litre bottles of any liquid. You could be wasting that much liquid EVERY MINUTE. 1,440 litres per day is approximately daily average usage for 8 – 10 standard households.

If you think you may have a water leak please visit our Water Leak Detection page. There, we offer step test to assist you in determining if you potentially have a hidden water leak.

If for any reason you are unsure or suspect you do have a leak on your property, there are several methods which can be used to check for leaks. Leaktechs friendly team can discuss the most suitable approach to detect the leakage. All leaks if undetected in early stages can cost thousands of dollars in water loss over time and any repair works can add to that cost.

A check by us can provide peace of mind and save money.


Find your leak or underground services – quickly and accurately.

Our local detection teams are ready to find your leaks or undergroud services Fast. Make an enquiry or request a booking using the form below.

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