There had been an ongoing issue with a large amount of water ponding around the property.

Our crews mobilised and monitored the domestic water meter including the piping (internal & external) and found no movement to suspect any leakage or any draw on the property’s water supply. The teams decided to perform acoustic leak detection around the property and noticed a potential leak, a fire line. After further investigation by step testing the system, we were able to pinpoint where the sound was at its loudest.

The client engaged a civil crew to complete various civil works within the area and to allow further investigation of the suspected leak. The area was excavated, and no leak was located on the fire line within the exclusion given to our client. Leaktech returned to site at no further charge to investigate the area and our crews found and located a separate non-metered fire line within 1 metre of the area being investigated.

Our trained technicians were able to pinpoint the leak which was a redundant but live unmetered fire line which was copper and sleeved with conduit.

In the event that this leak went unnoticed, it had the potential for severe water loss and damage to the property and neighbouring properties.

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