Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic pipe (GRP) piping systems which are also known as FRP piping systems are commonly used within the pipeline industry as well as other markets. The advantages of using GRP piping are that they are light weight, they have a high corrosion resistance, a smooth inner surface and are easy to install. Although with that said, from time to time, they still come with various challenges such as ovality, de-lamination, cracking and so on.

Recently, Leaktech were awarded the leak detection scope of works on a 6km pipeline section which was large bore DN1800 GRP Rubber Ringed Joint piping and had previously failed the Hydrostatic Test Pressure of 1950kpa with steady pressure drop of 2kpa per minute and no visible surface leaks. With buried Rubber Ring Joints every 13 meters, various scour valves and branches, pipeline depths and valve pits across the pipeline, we faced numerous challenges.

To ensure Leaktech’s projected work program would run smoothly, a further review of the pipeline profiles, the footprint of the area to be surveyed as well as various ongoing construction works, which could produce potential high noise levels and in return interfere with our frequency logger technology, our proposed leak detection method was to complete a full acoustic leakage survey on the pipeline charged at full pressure.

The client had raised concerns with regards to wasted water, safety and project cost implications. As Leaktech are fully committed to 100% customer satisfaction, we immediately deployed a team to Far North Queensland fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to assess and rectify the issue. Leaktech have recently developed and invested in various alternative leak detection methods which have allowed us to reduce the amount of equipment required and which enables rapid mobilisation to site. Leaktech’s Brisbane team developed the required methodology, procedures and risk assessments which were reviewed and approved by our team and the client on site prior to the works commencing.

Leaktech’s team completed a full acoustic leakage survey on the pipeline and acoustically pinpointed and located multiple leaks which were immediately rectified on site, allowing the hydrostatic test to be completed and compliant.


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