Firelines and hydrants are routinely tested every 5 years to determine if there is adequate flow and pressure and that all parts are serviceable and easily located with quality markings.

In practice, network operators determine how often each grid/suburb will be tested.

To determine system and hydrant compliance, Flow Testing is performed by Leaktech to ensure fire hydrants can safely operate under real fire conditions. Flow testing involves using our calibrated flow and pressure monitoring devices and recording results.

Leaktech has a proven track record working with communities and water utilities to test thousands of hydrants safely and accurately across Australia.


Leaktech recently competed a large-scale project for a North Queensland council which consisted of 1250 Fire Hydrants across 11 suburbs and included general maintenance items such as:

  • Check and replace Valve Markers as required.
  • Check and replace Cat’s Eyes as required.
  • Check and replace Road Markers as required.
  • Maintenance / Repairs works as required.
  • Hydrant Pit Clean Outs
  • Flow and Pressure Testing of All Hydrants.
  • Report Results.

Some local staff in the work areas were recruited to work alongside Leaktech’s trained staff. Leaktech has a policy where possible to not only utilize local staff but also to teach certain skills which will remain in the regions for future benefit. These personnel were trained in Flow Testing and Leaktech’s internal policies and procedures. They always had support and supervision from our senior technicians and higher management.

Leaktech’s project planning involved working closely with the client’s representatives.

We safely and efficiently reduced the project timeframe from 8 weeks to 6 weeks and achieved practical completion.

Leaktech’s technicians safely, efficiently and accurately tested all hydrants in accordance with AS standards. Data was recorded digitally and all assets were located via GIS then relayed to the client in real time.

Traffic management was completed internally by our certified technicians which assisted to keep the project costs down.

The works could not have been achieved in the timeframe without the dedication and thoroughness of the teams involved in the works. Leaktech is proud of our staff and the results they achieve. Great feedback was received from a very satisfied client.

Keeping Hydrant and valve assets safe, visible, accessible and in good working order ensures Fire and Emergency Services can effectively respond to fires. This work also allows water utility owners to efficiently perform maintenance works and repairs to their networks.

Using our Ground Penetrating Radar and other technologies, Leaktech also identifies and locates lost or unidentified assets.

Leaktech’s management system and procedures mitigate project risks to “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” (ALARP) while our quality plans minimise the probability of damaging assets and property. Our workforce is a multi-disciplined / skilled team with capabilities in leak detection, service location (including GPR), flow testing and many other capabilities to ensure each project’s success. Leaktech operate across all areas, States and regions throughout Australia.

Please feel free to contact one of our friendly team to discuss any of your project requirements.


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