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Dial Before You Dig Plans Are Not Enough

Do you know what’s buried underground? Damage to underground cables can cause severe or even fatal injury. Dial Before You Dig plans are not enough.

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No matter the size of your project, you might be putting in a new driveway, landscaping your yard or construction work such as directional boring or drilling, or working in a trench, then you need to be able to identify if there are any underground services hidden below. You do not want to risk severing or damaging power or phone cables, sewer or storm water pipes that may be underneath.
You cannot rely on the free plans available from Dial Before You Dig for accuracy. Utility owners such as Telstra, Optus and Energex do not have accurate records of the location of their underground assets. Their plans are a guide only. This is why in their ‘Duty of Care’ guidelines they recommend the use of Accredited Plant Locators (APLs) for all excavations.
There have been numerous occasions where our Leaktech APL technicians have located underground cables when there has  been nothing indicated on the Dial Before You Dig plan for that location. These plans certainly never contain any information for any underground cables or pipes inside the property boundary.

Leaktech technicians are highly trained, experienced and accredited plant locators. Our technicians are also accredited Telstra fibre-optic plant locators – unlike many other locators in the industry. We service Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. Please call Leaktech on 1300 053 257 when you need to dig. We have a rapid response time with very competitive rates.

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