Water Leaks in Schools can be expensive and often these issues are left until suitable time periods such as school holidays. Water is abrasive and the problem only gets worse. Expensive Treated water is increasingly wasted.

Recently, Leaktech was notified at short notice of an underground leak at a Bundaberg Region School. We were able to reorganize pre-booked less urgent jobs to attend promptly. The issue potentially effected the schools return date if the repair and remedial works could not be completed in time.

Leaktech deployed to site within 12 – 24 hours to commence the works.

School closures due to water related items occur from many different scenarios – heavy rainstorms, underground hidden leaks, hidden condensation, and excess humidity as well as burst pipes. These are not just costly to repair (including associated remedial works), but they can also take students away from the classroom. which we all know that during COVID-19.

Leaktech have the technology to assist across all the issues mentioned above including general maintenance / network condition assessments.

Due to Leaktech’s inhouse innovative technology, combined with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of leak detection and underground service locations, our certified and trained technicians mobilised and precisely located the leak on the fire main, buried at 800mm.

The civil team on site exposed the pipe, repaired it at the exact location our technicians had previously identified as the leak.

“Spot on the Mark, cheers”

Addressing leaks is an essential component of our mission. To ensure the effectiveness of our solutions, we’re committed to maintaining a vigilant watch over these previously problematic areas. This ongoing monitoring will help us confirm that our efforts have resulted in lasting fixes.

Our goal is to keep you informed and engaged as we continue striving for leak-free systems. “Stay connected with us for the latest updates on our journey towards precision in leak detection and resolution! ” Follow us through social media where we regularly post.

Great Positive feedback received from our client below which we appreciate more than anything.

Gudegeon Plumbing – Managing Director Ben Gudgeon

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