Case Study: Rapid Response to High-Priority Leak Detection Project

Rapid Response to High-Priority Leak Detection Project
Brisbane Airport Pipes

LeakTech received an urgent call from a major utility owner regarding a “High Priority Leak Detection Project” in a busy multi-dwelling residential area. The utility owner was experiencing significant discrepancies between the supplied water volume and what was being registered through water meters, highlighting a high volume of unaccounted water.

This is where our team comes in: at LeakTech, we specialise in reducing unaccounted or Non-Revenue Water (NRW) by detecting and locating water leaks.

Project Overview

Scope: The project covered a complex network of over 20 kilometres of reticulation mains, approximately 2000 water meters, and a mix of recycled water pipes and Potable Water mains.

Objective: To identify and locate underground leaks contributing to the high NRW, minimise water loss, and mitigate potential infrastructure damage and public hazards.

LeakTech Vehicle Lineup

Weekend Deployment

Over the rainy weekend, LeakTech deployed technicians to complete a comprehensive survey of the area. Every pipe, water meter, hydrant, and valve was individually tested. Despite the high-intensity nature of the project and limited planning time, LeakTech’s technicians worked tirelessly to assess the situation.
Successful Identification and Assessment

Successful Identification and Investigation

By Sunday night, eight areas were identified as requiring further investigation following the initial survey. On Monday morning, a senior LeakTech team led by our most experienced Leak Technician came onsite to complete a thorough investigation of the marked areas.

Leak Detection and Assessment

Using a combination of advanced technologies and expertise, LeakTech swiftly identified eight hidden underground leaks. The total water loss was estimated to be around 240 litres per minute, equivalent to 345,000 litres (two Olympic pools) lost per day, all without any above-ground evidence.
Leak Detection and Assessment

Resolution and Reporting

Upon identifying the leaks, LeakTech promptly submitted a comprehensive written report to the utility owner by Monday evening. The report detailed the location and nature of each leak. By 9 am on Tuesday, plans were underway for the utility owner to repair the identified leaks.

Outline of identified leak on the edge of a footpath

Dangers of Non-Revenue Water

Detecting the NRW and locating the leaks promptly was crucial as they posed significant dangers and challenges to water utility companies, municipalities, and communities alike:

Financial Loss: Undetected water leaks result in substantial financial losses for water utilities. The cost of treating and distributing water, coupled with lost revenue from unbilled or unaccounted-for water, can amount to millions of dollars annually.

Wastage of Valuable Resources: Water is a finite resource, and every drop wasted through undetected leaks represents a loss of a precious resource.

Infrastructure Damage: Unchecked water leaks can lead to significant damage to underground infrastructure.

Public Health and Safety Risks: Undetected water leaks can create public health and safety hazards, such as slipping hazards or sinkholes.

Overview: High Priority Leak Detection Project

In summary, addressing Non-Revenue Water and detecting water leaks promptly is crucial for safeguarding financial resources, protecting the environment, and ensuring public health and safety.

This high-priority leak detection case study underscores LeakTech’s ability to deliver rapid and effective leak detection solutions, even under challenging conditions. The proactive response of the utility owner in addressing the issue also demonstrates the importance of timely intervention in minimising water loss and preserving critical infrastructure.

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