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In the Subtropical hot desert climate of Alice Springs LeakTech was requested to assist with water leak detection for Network Non-Revenue Water Loss, reactively across three (3) isolated communities. LeakTech completed the Leakage Surveys including Mobilisation & Demobilisation within a 5-day period.

The Issue

Across the three (3) areas/networks a staggering water loss of over 182 litres per minute (262.08 KL/Per Day) was identified with 29 confirmed leaks. Putting that into perspective, that is the volume of an Olympic pool of treated water lost every day. Water is precious in Australia’s outback.

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Cultural Acknowledgement & Moblisation

With acknowledgement and thanks to the traditional custodians of the land being the Arrernte People, LeakTech mobilised to Alice Springs to commence works in the towns of Laramba, Yuelamu and Yuendumu.

Yuelamu’s Water Access

Water is critical in all areas across a global footprint especially in remote areas and towns, Yuelamu has a relatively small population of approximately 175 people. Treated drinking water is provided and collected by residents from an advanced water treatment plant from a non-potable bore.  The surface water dam which previously supplied the community with potable water is unusable due to long-term contamination from blue green algae. Non-potable water for hygiene purposes only is supplied to residents through an existing reticulation system. A dual reticulation system is currently under construction.

Tackling Harsh Conditions for Project Success

With consideration to the above, LeakTech’s skilled technicians demonstrated their commitment, knowledge, and expertise within this specialist field to reduce any potential water loss across these towns. 

Though the conditions were harsh, using the latest tools and exclusive LeakTech technology, the Water Leak Detection survey was successfully completed across all relevant water mains, pipe networks and facilities in the NT communities. 

The key project KPI was to identify all network water loss across the townships. The survey also identified and reported on internal leakage inside the water meters to buildings. 

The project was a success; meeting or exceeding all relevant KPIs. Identified water loss exceeded projected water loss across the three (3) separate towns.

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Ongoing Challenges in Regional Water Loss

Water loss across regional areas of the Northern Territory continues to be an ongoing issue with 72 communities/towns providing many logistical challenges. 

We know clean, safe treated water = healthier communities.

Indications suggest drier times are ahead, so now is the time to act.

    Addressing Water Leaks

    LeakTech’s technicians have the unique training, knowledge, and technologies to detect even the smallest leaks within distribution networks. Even these (if not addressed) account for substantial loss $$$ over time. 

    If you suspect a leak on your property, LeakTech offers several methods to check for leaks. LeakTech’s friendly team can discuss the most suitable approach to detect the leakage. This is where we differ from others. With our comprehensive range of water leak detection technologies, methods and expertise, LeakTech can offer and provide the most suitable, cost-effective method to locate your leaks. 

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    Importance of Early Water Leak Detection

    Undetected leaks (even at their early stages) can cost thousands of dollars in water loss over time.  Never underestimate how abrasive water escaping from a pipe is. Locate leaks early and reduce repair costs.

    Water must be conserved – access to it must be equitable and affordable. With climate change, population growth and a developing global economy, non-revenue water (NRW) must be prioritised to reduce the effect of our potential future supply and growing demand. 

    Non-revenue water goes beyond financial implications for water network owners and managers. Skilled maintenance staff are increasingly difficult to find and keep. Operators must identify problems early and act quickly to repair them. Eventually, we are all impacted in some way.

      Conserving Water for a Sustainable Future

      Unidentified water loss is not only a waste of treated water. It creates environmental impacts with an increased amount of carbon emissions through energy consumption to pump and to treat the water which is wasted into the ground and not consumed.

      Act Now to Preserve This Precious Natural Resource

      Again, always remember – water is abrasive. A small leak can quickly become a costly nightmare. Call LeakTech. We are the only Australian business with 35-plus years of exclusive water leak detection knowledge.

      Save time and money with LeakTech

      We’re dedicated to finding leaks and services quickly and saving our client time and money.

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