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LeakTech recently showcased its expertise in pinpoint accuracy in leak location during an emergency callout at the Brisbane Airport. As a reactive callout, the LeakTech team was called into action at 3 am on a Saturday to resolve a low-pressure water issue in the aircraft hangar of a leading airline. There were no visual signs of a leak within the area; however, our senior technician was able to determine the exact location of the leak very quickly despite the ambient noises in the operating airport and various ongoing construction works.

The Issue

The issue was detected when the water pressure dropped throughout the aircraft hangar complex. While there were no obvious signs of a leak, the airline knew there was an issue and called in our emergency leak detection team to inspect, who swiftly located a leak which was causing the drop in water pressure.

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Brisbane Airport Leak

Locating the Leak.

Combined with a high degree of knowledge and experience, LeakTech’s senior technician utilised advanced leak detection equipment to determine the precise location of the leak, despite the ambient noises of a fully operational airport. Once the technician had familiarised himself with the area and pipeline, he completed various in house acoustic leak detection exercises as per company procedure to determine the presumed location. The analysis and initial assessment of the leak’s location was to a high degree of accuracy and directly above the pipeline beneath a concrete slab. The process demonstrated the efficiency and accuracy of LeakTech’s approach to leak detection, even in challenging circumstances.

The Outcome

The below video showcases the accuracy with which the technician identified and addressed the hidden leak. The strategic drilling and precise leak detection methods allowed for a swift resolution of the low water pressure issue.

By addressing the issue under reactive timeframes and efficiently, LeakTech ensured minimal disruption to the airline’s operations and Brisbane Airport. In conclusion, LeakTech’s expertise in leak detection played a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of the aircraft hangar complex without disrupting customers or general day-to-day operations of the airport.

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